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Sunray® Window Films has been serving the commercial window film needs of Birmingham, Alabama since 1994. Our industrial, commercial, and government customers rely on us for expert guidance. The knowledgeable Sunray® team has industry-specific expertise, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the right product at the right price. Whether you’re looking to better control interior temperatures, protect vulnerable surfaces from being defaced, or want to eliminate fog or reduce the likelihood of injures when a window breaks, Sunray® has the answer.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility Throughout Your Building

Are the door and sweat heaters in your grocery store working overtime? Are foggy bathroom mirrors in your hotel’s guest rooms the cause of excess laundry expenses? When fog builds up, customers and guests are impacted, and so is your bottom line. Reduce condensation and excess wear and tear on your compressor by installing anti-fog film. You’ll improve visibility and reduce your energy costs simultaneously.

Stop Vandals from Defacing Store Windows and Much More with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Even in Birmingham, vandalism can happen. Unsightly graffiti is expensive to remove and difficult to prevent, but the resourceful team at Sunray® has the solution. Install anti-graffiti window film on any vulnerable surface, like display cases and restroom mirrors as well as glass doors and windows. Invisible anti-graffiti film prevents vandals from scratching, etching, and gouging your property, even when your security team is off duty.

Protect Your Property and the People Inside with Safety & Security Window Film

Windows are assets to commercial building owners. They increase a building’s worth and marketability. Unfortunately, glass is vulnerable, and there’s no guaranteed way to prevent an explosion, bomb blast, or smash-and-grab crime from occurring. There are measures you can take, however, and installing safety & security window film in your Birmingham, AL building is one of them. It keeps broken glass from scattering, which reduces the possibility of breakage-related injuries.

Keep Cool in Birmingham with Heat Regulating Window Film

Bright summer days are great, but having a cool indoor retreat is a necessity in Birmingham. If summer heat is making your commercial or retail facility unbearable, talk with the experts at Sunray® about installing heat regulating window film in your building. It blocks the sun’s rays, so your store, office, or government building will remain cool and comfortable year round.

Decorative Window Film Offers a World of Possibilities

Want to create a memorable environment for customers, tenants, or employees? Decorative window film serves multiple purposes and can save you a bundle over the cost of installing partitions when a private area becomes necessary. Sunray® offers multiple patterns and designs that can also be customized to include most company logos. Replicate the look of etched glass while showcasing your brand. Our friendly Birmingham team will help you select the right film for your needs.

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