Looking for a Commercial Window Tinting Expert in MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA?

When you’re choosing window film for a business or commercial facility, it helps to have a team of experts in your corner. Sunray® Window Films has been providing expert guidance from industry professionals since 1994. We know you have a lot of options and decisions to make, so give us a call before you make your window film selection.

Protect Innocent Bystanders in the Event of an Explosion or Bomb Blast

Smash-and-grab crime often happens during broad daylight, and bomb blasts, severe weather, and explosions can also leave broken glass in their wake. Your security team can’t be everywhere, but safety & security window film can limit injuries by keeping broken glass in one place.

The Right Window Film Can Combat the Minneapolis Heat

It’s impossible to focus or function in a hot workspace, and customers are likely to head elsewhere if your store is too warm. Before the Minneapolis heat kicks in, talk with the energy experts at Sunray® about heat regulating window film. It allows the natural light in while blocking the sun’s UV rays.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility In Your Freezer Cases

Refrigerated cases are great except when they fog up and hinder your customer’s view. Sweat heaters work hard to eliminate condensation, but those expenses add up. Ask the Sunray® team about using anti-fog film to reduce condensation before it happens.

Give Your Windows an Instant Facelift

Decorative window film gives you options that blinds, draperies, and shutters can’t. If you’re looking for privacy, decorative window film offers an opaque surface that still allows natural light in. These films have the appearance of etched glass without the high price tag. They’re also customizable, so you can showcase your logo or company brand.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

In a perfect world, vandalism wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, it does, but that doesn’t mean accepting it as inevitable. Anti-graffiti window film can prevent vandals from scratching, gouging, or etching your windows and mirrors. It adheres invisibly and makes a great addition to areas that are difficult to secure, like dressing rooms and restrooms.

Give Your Doors and Hallways a High-End Look

When people enter your facility, they notice every little thing. The floors, walls, and doors all make a statement about what your company is all about. Make a great first impression by installing DI NOC Architectural laminate wherever you want to make an impact. Choose from our extensive selection of wood, metal, and stone designs.

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