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When Jacksonville, Florida property owners are looking to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and keep their occupants and customers safe, they rely on our industry experts. Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has provided quality window film products and professional installation services. To learn about the best ways to improve your commercial, government, or high-rise building, give our helpful team a call today.

Reduce Your Energy Expenses By Blocking the Jacksonville Heat

Good weather is good for business, but your store can easily become uncomfortable due to excessive heat intrusion. Ultraviolet rays can also permeate glass and fade furnishings and carpets over time. Heat regulating window film rejects both heat and UV rays, so you’ll never need light-blocking window treatments again.

Window Tinting Film to Beat the JACKSONVILLE Heat and Save Money

Customers just like you have called upon Sunray® for Heat Regulating Window Films that help stabilize interior temperatures and reduce energy costs. Our window films tackle both tasks simultaneously without the need for drapes or blinds.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Prevents Vandals From Damaging Property

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if vandalism didn’t exist? Mirrors and glass surfaces would remain pristine. Unfortunately, Jacksonville has its share of vandals, but you don’t have to accept vandalism as inevitable. Anti-graffiti window film prevents etching, scratching, and destructive gouging. Once applied, it melds invisibly with the surface, so only you will know it’s there.

Instantly Update Your Building’s Appearance

Is your building looking dated? Have your windows lost their luster? Decorative window film gives windows and other glass surfaces the appearance of etched glass without the high price tag. Sunray® offers designs and patterns that are beautiful as is and that can also be customized upon request. Update these surfaces as part of your remodel project or install them to add privacy or showcase your brand.

Prevent Injuries Due to Broken Glass By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Smash-and-grab crime can happen in any business, and bomb blasts, explosions, and extreme weather can also leave broken glass in their wake. For your own peace of mind, install safety & security window film in your Jacksonville, FL facility. It keeps the broken glass in one place and minimizes potential injuries when the unexpected happens.

Banish Fog in Your Store or Hotel

Freezer doors, hotel mirrors, and glass shower doors have one thing in common. They all fog up. In your supermarket or grocery store chain, this forces your sweat heater to clear the fog. In your hotel, it forces guests to use clean linens to wipe down foggy surfaces. Anti-fog film solves both problems, making you and your customers happier.

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