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Choosing the right window film product for a business or commercial facility isn’t easy. A lot of factors figure into the decision, which is why commercial customers have been recommending the industry specialists at Sunray® Window Films since day one. We’ve been providing professional guidance and installation services since 1994. Before you make your window film decision, check with the Sunray® team. We’ll ensure that your Kansas City, Missouri project is done right.

Prevent Injuries Due to Broken Glass with Safety & Security Window Film

Any number of things can cause a window to shatter. Severe weather, a sudden explosion or bomb blast, and smash-and-grab crimes happen without warning. While there’s no way to predict when breakage will occur, having safety & security window film installed will prevent glass from scattering when the unexpected happens. These high-tech films retain broken glass, so your customers, tenants, and visitors will remain free from harm.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Stops Destructive Vandals in Their Tracks

Vandalism, while widespread and hard to prevent, doesn’t have to be a fact of life. Prevention not only saves you from expensive replacement and corrective measures; it also prevents your business from having to close temporarily for repairs. Anti-Graffiti Window Film resists etching, scratching, and gouging. And since it’s invisible to the naked eye, you can apply it to all types of glass or mirrored surfaces throughout your building.

Upgrade Your Building’s Windows Without the High Replacement Cost

Aging windows can lower your property value and hinder tenants from renting your facility. Replacing windows is an expensive endeavor, but you can rejuvenate old windows simply by installing decorative window film. Sunray® offers an extensive selection of patterns, many of which can be customized with your corporate logo or unique design. Get the look of etched glass instantly. And if you need to privatize an area that has glass walls, such as a conference room, decorative film can do that, too.

Stop the Kansas City Sunshine from Overheating Your Building

It doesn’t matter where you are, comfort matters. The tenants in your commercial building depend on that comfort, but if they’re running the air conditioning non-stop, it can lead to sky-high electric bills. To maintain your building’s professional appearance and increase its energy efficiency, install heat regulating window film before seasonal weather hits.

Prevent Condensation Buildup on your Freezer and Shower Doors

Foggy freezer doors and glass shower enclosures make it hard for customers and occupants to see. In grocery stores, sweat heaters try to keep the fog at bag, but that adds to your electricity costs. For hotel operators, towels that are used to wipe down mirrors are often discarded after one use, and that equates to increased laundry expenses Anti-fog film minimizes condensation, so ask our knowledgeable team for recommendations on installing it throughout your facility.

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