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Block the El Paso Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills


A productive work environment has to be comfortable, and if you want customers to frequent your business, you also need to consider the temperature inside your facility. Drapes and blinds block heat, but they also block the natural light. Stabilize your indoor temperatures year-round by installing heat regulating window film. These films eliminate the need for light-blocking window treatments, so the people in your building can enjoy the view in comfort.

Reduce Fog and Condensation

Freezer doors, bathroom mirrors, and glass shower enclosures all have one thing in common – they all fog up. That foggy freezer door makes it difficult for customers to see what’s inside the case. Hotel guests often grab a clean towel to wipe down a foggy mirror, and that single action can increase your laundry costs. Eliminate excess condensation by installing anti-fog film. It’s one upgrade that can improve your bottom line and your customer’s experience.

Transform Any Glass Surface with Decorative Window Film

Does your building have a less than perfect view? Need a private area to meet with clients or students? Decorative window film may be the answer. It looks like etched glass, comes in a variety of styles, and can be applied to most glass or mirrored surfaces. Aside from its beauty, it doesn’t impede the natural flow of light. Our design experts can also customize select films, so you can give your El Paso, TX facility a personalized look.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Can Prevent Vandalism

Graffiti is tough to prevent and even more difficult to remove. To avoid etching, scratching, and destructive gouging, install anti-graffiti window film on your windows, mirrors, and glass doors. It protects surfaces where your security team might not be present, such as changing rooms and restrooms. Ask our safety team to explain which product is right for your store or restaurant.

Safety & Security Window Film Can Reduce the Risk of Bodily Harm

Broken GlassWhile picture windows and glass doors make your building more attractive, they’re also susceptible to breakage. There’s no way to know when a random explosion, bomb blast, or extreme weather event may occur, so it’s important to have safety measures in place before something happens. Protect your property and the people inside by installing safety & security window film in your El Paso, TX building.

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