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Making your commercial building the best it can be requires working with professionals who understand your needs and goals. Sunray® Window Films has been providing quality window film solutions and impeccable customer service to the Houston, Texas commercial market since 1994. Our experts can help you make aesthetically pleasing decisions that stabilize temperatures, prevent vandalism and injury, and eliminate condensation and fogging. Give our knowledgeable team a call today to discuss how to best improve your retail store, school, or commercial building.

Beat the Heat and Protect Your Furnishings

When hot summer days roll around, you may rely on blinds and drapes to prevent excess heat intrusion. They may solve the problem, but they eliminate the view your visitors and customers enjoy and expect. Stabilize temperatures all year long by installing heat regulating window film in your facility. It rejects heat and blocks destructive UV rays, so your building will remain comfortable and damage-free.

Get Creative with Decorative Window Film


Interior glass walls look nice, but clear glass isn’t always optimal, especially when you need privacy. Our Houston, TX design team has helped thousands of customers by installing decorative window film. It allows the sun to shine through while making the surface opaque. These films offer the appearance of etched glass and can be customized to include a design of your choice.

Prevent Fog from Limiting Visibility in Your Freezer Cases

At the Supermarket: Stylish African American Guy with Headphones Chooses Products in the Frozen Goods From the Fridge and Puts them into Shopping Basket.

Most people don’t think about the way fog interferes with a customer’s view, but the experts at Sunray® do. Condensation reduces visibility, and customers can’t buy what they can’t see. Grocery store and hotel owners share this dilemma because foggy bathroom mirrors and shower doors often force guests to use clean towels to wipe them down. Reduce condensation by having our experts install anti-fog film in your business.

Gain Peace of Mind by Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Windows make life indoors more pleasant. Bright, airy spaces are more customer friendly, and office buildings with abundant windows are easier to sell or rent. Protect your occupants from the harm associated with flying glass by installing GSA-approved, tear-resistant safety & security window film throughout your Houston, TX facility. It keeps shards intact until the broken pane can be safely removed.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Property damage can’t always be avoided, especially graffiti. While vandals will always look for ways to leave their mark, you can prevent etching, gouging, and scratching by installing anti-graffiti window film throughout your commercial building. These preventative products protect invisibly and are great for surfaces that aren’t always accessible to security personnel, like restrooms and changing rooms.

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