Looking for a Window Tinting Film Expert in MIAMI, FLORIDA?

Government, education, and commercial facilities have unique window film needs, which is why our experts will work with you to choose the right product for your project. If you need to minimize heat intrusion, prevent vandalism, or upgrade your building’s windows, we can help. Sunray® Window Films has been providing quality products and professional installation services to the Miami, Florida community since 1994. Give us a call today.

Achieve Peace of Mind by Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Windows make working or shopping indoors more enjoyable. Unfortunately, explosions, extreme weather, and smash-and-grab crimes can harm the people in your building. GSA-approved, tear-resistant safety & security window film retains broken glass until it can be safely removed, so you and your occupants will avoid injury.

Block the Miami Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

Shopping inside on a sunny day is a joy, but not if the store is uncomfortably hot. Heat regulating window film allows natural light in while keeping the heat outside. It can also protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays.

Choose Decorative Window Film for Your Next Makeover

If it’s time to renovate your facility, don’t limit yourself to paint and wallpaper. Give your interior space a designer touch by adding decorative window film to your interior glass walls or exterior windows. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and can even be personalized to feature your company’s logo or unique artwork.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

No matter how much security you have in your Miami facility, vandals will find a way to leave their mark. Thankfully, anti-graffiti window film prevents most types of vandalism, including etching, scratching, and gouging. Ask our experts about applying this invisible film on your display cases, dressing room mirrors, and exterior windows and doors.

Eliminate Fog in Your Hotel Guest Rooms or Grocery Store

Hotel and grocery store owners have one thing in common. Their buildings both have surfaces that tend to fog up and cost them money. Freezer doors, hotel mirrors, and glass shower doors can all be treated with anti-fog film, which will eliminate the wear and tear on sweat heaters and eliminate excess linen usage by customers wiping down foggy surfaces.

Upgrade Your Flat Surfaces with an Architectural Finish

If your walls, doors, or other flat surfaces are looking a little worse for wear, talk with the knowledgeable experts at Sunray® about DI NOC Architectural laminate. It offers the beauty of wood, metal, or stone without the high price tag. From healthcare settings to corporate offices, these products beautify instantly.

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