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Boise, Idaho building owners know that reducing energy costs and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures are important to their occupants and customers. Windows and glass doors make commercial spaces more attractive, but glass is vulnerable. Sunray® Window Films has been providing quality window film solutions and impeccable customer service since 1994. Give our industry experts a call today to discuss how to best improve your school, retail store, or commercial building.

Beat the Boise Heat with Heat Regulating Window Film

Stabilize interior temperatures year round without the need for blinds or drapes. Heat regulating window film reduces the strain on your HVAC system, so your building will stay comfortable even during the hottest months of the year. This innovative product also blocks damaging UV rays from prematurely aging carpets and furnishings.

Get Creative with Decorative Window Film

Clear glass isn’t always optimal. Commercial buildings with interior glass walls may look nice, but they can make it difficult to have a private discussion. Instead of relying on unprofessional-looking window treatments, talk to our Boise, ID design team about installing decorative window film. It allows the sun to shine through while making the surface opaque. If you like the appearance of etched glass, these films offer that look without the high price tag.

Gain Peace of Mind by Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Windows bring the outdoors in, which makes shopping or working in a commercial building more enjoyable. Unfortunately, glass shatters easily, and the broken shards pose potential threats to people in the vicinity. Severe weather, smash-and-grab crime, and sudden explosions can leave shattered glass in their wake. Protect your customers, students, or employees by installing GSA-approved, tear-resistant safety & security window films throughout your Boise facility. It will keep the shards intact, which means a safer environment for guests and peace of mind for you.

Brunette woman cleaning misted mirrorPrevent Fog from Reducing Visibility in the Supermarket or Hotel

You might not think about the way fog impedes a customer’s view when looking for something in your store’s freezer door cases, but you should. Condensation reduces visibility, and a consumer can’t buy what he or she can’t see. Foggy hotel mirrors present a similar problem. Laundry costs increase when guests wipe down mirrors then discard the damp towels after just one use. Reduce condensation by having our experts install anti-fog film wherever it’s needed.

Stop Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When vandals leave their mark, the damage hurts both your property and your pocketbook. Don’t accept vandalism as a fact of life; have Sunray® install anti-graffiti window film throughout your commercial building. It resists etching, scratching, and gouging and can protect mirrored and glass surfaces alike.

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