Are You Looking for the Sunray® Window Film Experts in MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE?

Sunray® Window Films has offered window film sales and installation services nationwide since 1994, and we understand that our commercial customers often have specific needs. If your Memphis, Tennessee building needs window film, our knowledgeable team can help. We recognize that sun control, saving energy, and keeping occupants safe are important, and we look forward to helping you upgrade your building, no matter how big it is.

Give Your Memphis, TN Building a Recognizable Touch

Many commercial buildings look alike, so it can be difficult to stand out in a crowd. The Sunray® design team can help bring a distinctive look to your building by installing a decorative window film on its glass surfaces. These decorative products look like etched glass, come in hundreds of patterns, and can be customized to include your corporate logo or unique design. They also make a great addition to the interior glass conference room walls, especially when adequate privacy is desired.

Reduce Condensation Buildup on Mirrors and Glass Freezer Doors

Foggy freezer doors are the bane of grocery store and supermarket chain owners. Sweat heaters work hard to keep the condensation at bay, but there’s a more economical solution. Installing anti-fog film on your freezer doors reduces condensation buildup, so customers won’t have to hold the door open for long periods of time when searching for things. And if your hotel guest rooms suffer from this same problem, talk with our team about adding anti-fog film to your mirrors and glass shower doors.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Graffiti is a problem everywhere, even in Memphis. As a property owner, you need to be mindful of ways to prevent your glass and mirrored surfaces from being destroyed. Etching, gouging, and scratching can ruin a mirror or window permanently, and the replacement expense can hurt your bottom line. Protect all of your vulnerable surfaces by installing anti-graffiti window film on them. It’s practically invisible, and will protect your property year-round.

Minimize Breakage-Related Injuries By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Every commercial building owner knows that a safe environment attracts tenants, customers, and visitors. Since severe weather can be hard to predict, taking steps to reduce potential injuries if a window breaks is just good business. Add bomb blasts, explosions, and smash-and-grab crime to the equation, and you need to take action. Safety & Security Window Film keeps broken glass intact, so your occupants won’t be injured if something unexpected occurs.

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