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If you want to make a wise investment while improving your business or commercial facility, give the specialists at Sunray® Window Films a call. We have products that will reduce heat intrusion, create privacy, reduce vandalism, prevent injuries due to shattered glass, and reduce condensation buildup. Sunray® proudly serves the needs of Charlotte, North Carolina’s commercial community, and we’ve been exceeding customer expectations since 1994.

Block the Charlotte Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

It’s almost impossible to work or study in a hot room, but drawing the blinds to block excess heat can make spaces feel closed off. Sunray® has helped many Charlotte, NC customers stabilize their interior temperatures while reducing their energy costs. Heat regulating window film keeps heat out but allows the sun to shine through, so your occupants or students can enjoy the indoors and the view as well.

Transform Any Glass Surface with Decorative Window Film

If the view outside your building isn’t ideal, Sunray® has the answer. Decorative window film obscures the view while still allowing natural light to flow through your building. These products look like etched glass and can be installed on most glass or mirrored surfaces. They also make glass-walled conference rooms and study areas more private. Speak with one of our knowledgeable experts if you’re interested in incorporating your business logo or other unique design into select products.

Stop Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When exterior windows and glass doors are defaced, it can impact your facility’s traffic. Graffiti is difficult to remove and even harder to prevent, but our Charlotte, North Carolina experts have the solution. Install anti-graffiti window film on your exterior windows and glass doors as well as interior mirrors and display cases. This film prevents gouging, etching, and scratching around the clock.

Reduce the Risk of Injuries with Safety & Security Window Film

Glass doors and windows make buildings more attractive. Unfortunately, glass is extremely vulnerable. Since there’s no way to predict when a bomb blast, severe storm, or explosion will occur, install safety & security window film in your Charlotte, NC building. It prevent broken glass from scattering, which means people in the immediate area will be safer.

Reduce Fog in Grocery Stores and Hotels

Brunette woman cleaning misted mirrorIf you’re looking for a way to cut expenses and upgrade your property, anti-fog window film is a great option. Grocery stores and businesses with freezer door display cases can reduce wear and tear on their sweat heaters, and hotel owners can reduce laundry expenses by installing this invisible product on glass shower doors and bathroom mirrors.

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