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Sunray® Window Films has been providing nationwide window film sales and installation services since 1994, and we understand that commercial customers have very specific needs. If you’re considering installing window film in your Indianapolis, Indiana facility, speak with our knowledgeable team first. We know that occupant safety, sun control, and energy savings are important to you. Our track record of excellence is unparalleled, and we look forward to helping you select the right product for your building.

Reduce Heat and Minimize UV Damage in your Indianapolis Building

Windows bring the outdoors in, but heat intrusion and UV damage are often the result. Heat regulating window film addresses both problems simultaneously. It rejects heat, so your building will stay comfortable, and it prevents the sun’s rays from fading furnishings, upholstery, and carpeting.

Reduce Condensation Buildup on Mirrors and Glass Freezer Doors

Brunette woman cleaning misted mirror


If you own a grocery store or hotel, you know that fog is not your friend. Foggy freezer doors make it impossible to see inside, and foggy hotel bathroom mirrors are inevitably wiped down with a clean towel that’s discarded promptly afterward. Reduce the strain on your sweat heater and reduce laundry costs by installing anti-fog film on your freezer doors, bathroom mirrors, and glass shower enclosures.

Enhance the Appearance of Glass Doors and Windows

Want to eliminate a less than stellar view? Instead of using window treatments to block the view and the natural light, install beautiful decorative window film. It has an etched glass appearance and gives your window a designer touch while obscuring the view. These films provide instant privacy and come in an extensive selection of patterns. The design team at Sunray® can even customize products to help you achieve a truly unique effect.

Safety & Security Window Film Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Closeup of a Broken glass


Ensuring the safety of those who work, study, or shop in your commercial facility is a serious task. A bomb blast or smash-and-grab crime can send broken glass flying into the path of innocent people. Safety & Security Window Film keeps shards in one place, so your occupants won’t be injured when a glass door, mirror, or window breaks.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

In a perfect world, there would be no graffiti. Unfortunately, vandalism is a fact of life in big and small cities alike. Protect your windows, glass doors, display cases, and mirrors from destruction by having Sunray® install anti-graffiti window film on them. It’s virtually undetectable to criminals and resists scratching, etching, and gouging.

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