Want a Window Film Expert in MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN?

As nationwide window film experts, we know that energy savings, sun control, and occupant safety are some of the biggest concerns our commercial clients have in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 1994, Sunray® has provided both window film sales and installation services. Our team will ensure that your project is done right.

Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film Prevents Destructive Vandalism

When glass cabinetry or windows are defaced, your customers may become concerned about their safety in your store. Installing anti-graffiti window film on mirrored and glass surfaces protects them from scratching, etching, and gouging, even when your security team is off duty.

Reduce Your Energy Expenses By Blocking the Milwaukee Heat

Sunny weather is great for business, but your building can easily overheat due to the sun’s penetrating rays. Heat regulating window film rejects both heat and UV rays, so your interior temperatures will remain stable, and your furnishings won’t fade prematurely.

Get an Architectural Finish Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re renovating an older building or constructing a new one, keeping costs under control is a concern. Stone, metal, and wood finishes give a building a distinctive touch, and you can achieve both by installing DI NOC Architectural laminate. It’s less expensive that authentic masonry and is much easier to install during renovation projects.

Decorative Window Film Enhances Any Décor

Decorative window film improves the look of aging windows, customizes interior glass panels and walls, and provides immediate privacy for confidential conversations. Sunray’s design team offers hundreds of designs that look like etched glass, and they can customize select products to suit your needs.

Reduce Condensation and Improve Visibility with Anti-Fog Film

If your grocery store has glass-doored freezer cases, then you know that the glass fogs up whenever a customer reaches inside. You can reduce your expenses while reducing the wear and tear on your sweat heaters. Ask our energy experts how anti-fog film can save your company money in the long run.

Safety & Security Window Film Can Limit Bodily Harm

3M Anti shatter film,increase safety and security,prevent shattering glass

Don’t let this happen to you.

Robberies don’t always happen when a business is closed for the evening, and a smash-and-grab crime can harm both employees and customers. Reduce your facility’s vulnerability by installing Safety & Security Window Films on glass and mirrored surfaces. They keep the broken shards intact and protect people from harm.

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