3M Security Films Secure Windows & Prevent Break-Ins.


Residential Applications

Residential Window Tinting provides ultraviolet, glare, heat reduction, and security protection.



Safety & Security Shatter Resistant Window Film For Schools


What 3M Films Can do for you

Learn the benefits and values of 3M Window Film installed by Sunray®.


Energy Conservation

Sunray® Reduced – Solar Energy, Lowering Carbon Emissions, UV Protection, Glare and Improved Comfort.


Anti-Fog Film

Supermarket Stores Freezers and Hotel Bathroom Mirrors


Sunray® Decorative Solutions

Privacy, Etched or Sandblasted Custom Enhancement


Commercial Applications

Commercial Window Tinting Films increase comfort, reduce glare, lower energy costs, provide safety & security and decorative film solutions.

Leaders in 3M™ Window Film Installation and Removal

Only a select few have been chosen to be 3M™ Prestige Window Film Certified Dealers. Sunray® Window Films was chosen for our reliability, extensive product knowledge, and reputation for superior quality work above and beyond customer standards.

Proudly Offering the Greatest Selection of Window Film Options

At Sunray® we have experience in handling difficult installations and diverse projects. When a complex window tinting problem needs solving, whether for a residential, commercial, governmental, or educational building, our creative representatives find solutions to conserve energy as well as protect fine art, retail merchandise, carpets, upholstery, and people from damaging UV rays and flying broken glass. And we only offer products that meet the industry’s highest standards.

3M Sun Control Window Film

Sun Regulation

Improve your energy savings, safety, security, and privacy while reducing solar heat and unwanted glare.
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UV Protection

Reduce the potential cost of prematurely replacing interior furnishings, drapes, and carpets due to ultraviolet damage.
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Safety & Security

Protect your property and the people inside from intruders, severe weather, and spontaneous glass breakage due to seismic activity and bomb blasts with shatter-resistant film.
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Superior, Low-Cost Insulating Film

Improve your home or commercial facility’s insulation power while reducing sun damage and excess heat intrusion for a great price.
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Daylight Redirecting Film

Move light further into your building or residence by bending it toward the ceiling and create a larger “daylight zone” that minimizes glare and maximizes natural light.
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Decorative Enhancement

Create private areas without building walls or showcase your company’s unique artwork or brand logo by installing custom cut decorative film with an etched appearance at a fraction of the cost.
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Trusted, Knowledgeable Authorized Prestige 3M™ Window Film Certified Installers

Gone are the days of unsightly drapes and half-open blinds. Commercial and government buildings, as well as window tinting for the home, make a first impression before a tenant or buyer even begins negotiating a sale or lease. You can improve the overall appearance of your building simply by installing clean, clear, invisible 3M™ Thinsulate Window Film. Its natural tone doesn’t detract from the outdoor appearance and increases a building’s curb appeal as well.

Sunray® Window Films is certified by the City of Cleveland Equal Opportunity Office as a Female Business Enterprise, & Minority Business Enterprise with a twenty four year track record of excellence in serving the commercial and residential markets in Cleveland, Akron, and beyond.

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