Specialists of 3M™ Window Film in SILVERLAKE, OHIO

Whether you own a commercial building, a retail facility, or a home, the industry specialists at Sunray® Window Films will help you select the right window film product for your needs. Sunray® is an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer and has been serving Silverlake and Northeast Ohio since 1994. Our customers refer their friends and colleagues to us because of our high caliber service and professional installation.

Stabilize Indoor Temperatures Year-Round

In winter or in summer, outdoor temperatures can make your building uncomfortable. Rooms that are too warm are hard to sleep in, and cold temperatures can force you to wear extra layers or turn up the heat. The right window film will regulate heat and minimize glare, so you can enjoy your view year-round.

When winter temperatures drop in Silverlake, energy saving window film can take the strain off your heating system by preventing heat from escaping around drafty windows. Ask our helpful team to explain these options, so you can begin enjoying your home or commercial building all year long.

Decorative Window Film Is a Multipurpose Product

When it’s time to redecorate or upgrade your facility’s appearance, decorative window film is a great choice. Sunray® carries a large variety of selections that mimic the look of etched glass without the hefty price tag. Transform glass and mirrored surfaces instantly with a designer film that can also be customized. Many Silverlake clients also use decorative window film for privacy. It allows the light to pass through while eliminating the possibility of outsiders seeing in.

Stop Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandals are fond of clean, smooth surfaces, which is why they target glass windows and doors as well as changing room mirrors. Etching, scratching, and gouging causes permanent damage, so protect your building’s vulnerable surfaces by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film. It prevents damage without altering the appearance of your showroom display cases or windows and is excellent in areas that are difficult for security to patrol.

Protect People, Pets and Property with Safety & Security Window Film

Keeping your customers, employees, and family members safe while they’re inside your home or retail facility is a priority. Windows, while beautiful, are prone to breakage, and a sudden storm or explosion can propel broken glass into the path of people and pets. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film keeps shattered glass in one place. Ask our window film experts about options for protecting display cases as well in the event of a smash-and-grab crime.

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