3M™ Window Film Specialists in NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO

Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has been satisfying customers by serving their window film needs. In North Olmsted, as well as Northeast Ohio, we’re the go-to provider for residential, commercial, educational, and governmental facilities when they need window film.

As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer, we have assisted thousands of customers with their projects. We have an outstanding customer satisfaction rating, and our track record for timely job completion proves we’ll go the extra mile to help our customers.

Enjoy North Olmsted Season After Season

It’s not always easy to keep indoor temperatures in check during hot summer days and cold winter nights. Glass conducts heat, but closing the blinds blocks out the sun and your view. Heat regulating window film prevents heat from penetrating your windows and even reduces fading due to UV rays.

Winter can be equally problematic, and your heater can struggle to keep rooms warm, especially if you have drafty windows. Instead of installing double- or triple-paned glass, you can earn LEED credit while keeping your building cozy and comfortable by installing energy saving window film.

Decorative Window Film Creates Privacy While Looking Beautiful

When clear glass isn’t optimal, window treatments are often the solution. Unfortunately, they prevent light from entering and also make spaces feel more closed in. Decorative window film lends a creative touch to glass and is a great way to update aging windows. Sunray® offers many designs that look like etched glass but cost a lot less. Decorative window film can also solve privacy problems by transforming transparent surfaces instantly. Conference rooms, student counseling areas, and public-facing windows can all be improved while still allowing light to shine through. We can even customize a specific film to include your logo or design.

Install Safety & Security Window Film and Protect the People Inside

Just like you, we worry about the safety of our employees, customers, and family. Windows and glass doors are an asset, but they can break and harm someone. Since extreme weather, explosions, smash-and-grab crime, and bomb blasts occur without warning, install 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film throughout your building. It keeps shattered glass intact and can be applied to most glass and mirrored surfaces.

Stop Vandalism Before It Happens with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

In an ideal world, vandalism wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, it still happens, but Sunray® has helped many North Olmsted, Ohio business and property owners stop vandalism before it happened. 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film withstands etching, gouging, and scratching and can be installed on both glass and mirrored surfaces. Protect your changing room and restroom mirrors as well as your expensive display cases and windows today.

Our personable North Olmsted, OH Window Film specialists understand your needs and are ready to help.

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