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Sunray® Case Study

TRI C – One Stop Shop – 3M Fasara (SH2FG AP Arpa) Decorative Install

By July 19, 2009 No Comments

FasaraTriC  TRI C was looking for a decorative solution to their open glass vestibules. When working in an office you can easily get distracted with people walking by. The architect for this project spec’d 3M Fasara SH2FG AP ARPA. It was spec’d to fill the width of the glass reach 6’7″ in height.

When you are looking for a decorative look to your glass at your Commercial Office space be :


  • Conference rooms

  • Lobbies

  • Retain Environments

  • Private Offices

  • Exterior Windows

  • Glass Partitions

  • Verandas      


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