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The Residences at 55 Southeast View


For nearly 30 years, Sunray® Window Films has provided impeccable service and the finest window film products and installations to customers big and small. From Cleveland’s Goodyear Corporate Center to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, clients have entrusted us with their properties and visions, and we recently completed The Residences at 55 Public Square for the K&D Group – a monumental undertaking that we’re proud to share with you.

Revitalizing a Historic Building

Originally built in 1958, The Illuminating Building in Downtown Cleveland is 24-stories high and spans 500,291 square feet. The K&D Group, which now owns the building, received a historical grant, enabling them to restore and revitalize it by converting the existing space into a combination of luxurious residential apartments as well as commercial space. Since the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features an impressive curtainwall façade, K&D wanted to maintain the structure’s original outward appearance while also giving it a much-needed upgrade and makeover.
The building’s window film was no longer energy efficient and had begun to crack and peel, which prompted Cleveland Construction to request a bid from Sunray … and we beat out three other competitors to gain this prestigious opportunity.


Residence at 55 Interior View

An Intricate and Complex Team Project

Over the years, Sunray® has removed countless amounts of window film in sum, but removing 68,000 square feet of existing film and installing new film that would conserve energy, reduce glare, and minimize heat intrusion – all while working around occupied units and other renovation specialists – presented unique challenges.

Normally, the process would take 3–4 months, but since we were working alongside demolition, drywall, and electrical contractors as well as painters, caulkers, and finishers, we had to be mindful not to outpace the other teams. If we were to get too far ahead of the other professionals, our work could be damaged in the process.

In total, the project took 15 months to complete because we would catch up to the other workers and would need to wait for them to finish mudding, painting, or installing and sanding drywall. And many times, we needed to patiently wait for cabinets and boxed apartment appliances to be installed to protect the integrity of our work.

Flawlessly Managing a Monumental Project

We’re often asked how we manage and complete such big projects. Answering that question reminds us of one asked of great leaders calling for big changes or facing unprecedented tasks. When asked, “How do you eat an elephant,” the answer is, of course, “one bite at a time.” At any given time, we had 3–5 Sunray® employees working on a single area in the Residences at 55 Public Square. Like many businesses in these times of reduced product availability, occasional backorders were a challenge, but they never delayed our progress because of the rolling nature of working with the other teams.

The Residences at 55 Public Square Project Is Complete, and We Couldn’t Be More Proud

Every project matters to us at Sunray® Window Films, and we’re grateful to have been selected for this historic revamp and upgrade. We hope the new occupants of these luxury apartments, penthouses, and commercial spaces enjoy the benefits that 3M P18 ARL Silver Film provides, including lower cooling costs, reduced glare, less heat invasion, and better protection for inside furnishings and carpets.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing building or are starting from scratch, contact our industry experts today via email or at 800.295.8468. Sunray® is here to help.



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