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Sunray® Window Films – Commercial Window Tinting – MOCA – Cleveland, Ohio

By October 25, 2012 No Comments

Sunray® Window Films was contracted to install 3M Night Vision 35 window film on the glass lites at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland MOCA located 11400 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44106. This particular project consisted of glass lites that were unlike any type of glass that Sunray® has seen from our 18 years of business. Rectangle shape, and  angled to a degree of difficulty for any type of commercial window film installation. If you view the building from the outside you will appreciate the designed structure and creativity of the institution.




Inside of the building, all four floors contain areas for either exhibitions or public programs. Sunray® also installed a 3M Commercial Window Film on the 4th Floor Doors with Color Stable 5 window film to provide a privacy look from the outside of the glass and a darkening on the interior. With this film applied, a vary low visible light transmission was achieved.









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