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3M Prestige vs competitive products

We love competition!!!

By July 6, 2008 No Comments

Even with all the past blogs ruffling some feathers of other
window film companies, the truth of the matter is we are grateful for
our “competition.”

Think about  some of the things we appreciate in life – the
superior quality of a fine wine, a meal prepared by a highly skilled
chef, an expertly crafted timepiece, or even a suit that fits like a
glove, made with the best fabric and flawlessly seamed.

Could we truly understand the value of these if we didn’t have
their cheaper counterparts – boxed wines, fast food/buffets, the $10.99
watches and slapped-together clothing from our discount stores?

While the cheaper commodities assuredly have their place in
providing quick fixes (especially during lean times), there are certain
products and services we refuse to skimp on, knowing the difference in quality makes all the difference.  If we had nothing to compare the finer things in life with, would we ever know the better value they bring to us?

Keep your companies going – you not only spur us on in staying ahead of you, our customers always have something to compare the finest with!

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