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Sunray® Silver Static Cling Solar Film Installation – AJC Federal Building Cleveland Ohio

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AJC Federal Building








If you are looking for a temporary fix to a solar heat gain issue, look no further. Sunray® is installing a Silver Static Cling solar film for the AJC Federal Building in downtown Cleveland Ohio. This is a fully removable and reusable solar film ideal for obscuring daytime view and providing excellent solar control.

This film is recommended for the application to the interior glass (inside surface) or plastics and polycarbonate sheets. The film Sunray® is installing on (29 floors) is made of durable polished Static Cling with a transparent Silver Polyester Solar Control surface. The total nominal thickness is between 8 and 12 mils.

Solar Properties:

  • Visible Light Reflection                    55.9%
  • Visible Light Transmitted               14.5%
  • UV Radiation Rejected                     99%
  • Infra Red Rejection                           92.8%
  • Total Solar Energy Absorption       45.5%
  • Total Solar Transmission               10.4%
  • U Factor                                                .90
  • Emissivity                                             .61
  • Shading Coefficient                           .25
  • Glare Reduction                                 83.5%
  • Solar Heat Reduction                       73.6%
  • Total Solar Reflection                       44.1%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected           78.3%

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