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EDGE, FBE, and MBE certified.

Multi-Layer Technology Outperforms Thicker Film Products

There’s a common misnomer when it comes to choosing window film. While thick films sound like they’ll be more likely to stop someone from breaking a window, Sunray® Window Films recommends 3M™ Ultra™ Series Safety Window Film because of its advanced technology. This safety window film is made up of micro-layers, 42 to be exact, that form an ultra-thin product that stands up to the challenge of would-be intruders. This patented micro-layer technology means your windows will be harder to break, making them a great intruder deterrent.

Superior Protection In Blast And Impact Events

Depending on the location of your commercial building or educational facility, the risk of impact events may vary. In areas with severe weather, airborne objects pose a considerable threat to windows—and the people on the other side of them. Blast events from bombs, explosions, and terrorist activity are a primary concern for many building owners, and Sunray® can help. 3M™ Ultra™ Series Safety Window Film was developed to lessen the likelihood of shattering due to bomb blasts as well as earthquakes and can improve your building’s safety quickly and effectively.

Color Options To Fit Your Business Purpose And Personality

One of the special features of 3M™ Ultra™ Series Safety Window Film is its availability in clear and tinted options. Whether you choose crystal clear protection or the tinted sun control version, your office will be safer and more secure year-round.


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