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Nothing to Prove… Only the Facts

By August 15, 2008 No Comments

3M Safety & Security Window Films

3mmoneyglass  I can only state the facts on 3M Safety & Security Window Films. The test results are in… 3M SAFETY & SECURITY WINDOW FILM PASSED THEIR TEST RESULTS. I had posted 1-4 tests that prove 3M had passed. Proof to the competion that the 3M Window Films  have passed this impact and wind-load cycling threshold. Click this link to download the PDF version of the Impact Protect Adhesive.

The tinted/solar version series test results to follow…

We will pass these tests as well as the other tests that PROVE 3M is the only TRUSTED NAME in the window film/tint industry. Shortly, when I get these results I will post them.
Why wouldn’t 3M Solar/Safety Film pass? It’s just another layer of solar property added to the existing tested proven product.  If the SCLARL 400 & Ultra 600 passed, then  by adding another layer of solar control film to the  overall construction of the film… it will pass!!! It’s 3M!               


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