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Any time your child leaves your home and care, their safety and physical security is always at the forefront of your mind.

It’s even more understandable when you consider the crises that have affected school districts nationwide.

That’s why school administrators and communities are implementing new and improved safety measures to keep students safe. Here are some ways to improve school security and safety that you must implement immediately.

Establish a Visitor Management System

kids picture for websiteSchool security should be aware of everyone present on school property at all times. Many schools have already upgraded their door locks to release only when office personnel permit. This additional barrier gives faculty time to evaluate visitors and make a decision regarding entry permission. The primary individuals who should be present on school property at all times are teachers and students.

Studies by the National Center for Education Statistics found that almost 80% of schools now utilize locked entrance and exit doors during school hours. For those who must enter the school environment, they must report to the front administrative office and provide their information. Upon doing this, they can wear a visitor badge that all staff should be trained to look out for.

School security will also be on the lookout for anyone who looks out of place or is not wearing this badge. Establishing multiple gateways to manage your visitors gives your staff an opportunity to mobilize and be proactive if something is amiss.

Encourage Students to Report Strange Activity

Students are often hesitant to report bullying or strange activity to their parents or teachers. This is why it’s important to provide your students with an opportunity to speak out, whether it be privately or confidentially.

Many schools have adopted campaigns to make it easier for students to report things be it via their mobile phones or by leaving anonymous slips at designated points throughout the school. If you provide an opportunity for young people to get involved in school safety, you have one more avenue of communication to combat potential threats.

Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

It’s an extremely tragic occurrence, but schools must face the reality that active shooters or bombers can be a threat to otherwise safe school communities. With the help of security personnel, students and staff should learn emergency response plans to navigate these crises.

Security and staff can further protect the building beyond advanced locks by utilizing 3M Safety Series Window Film. This material can be clear or tinted, providing your rooms with additional privacy as well protection and security. The primary use of this film is to reinforce glass and contain it in the event of breakage. This protects those inside from being harmed by glass shards and gives intruders an additional hurdle to navigate through when trying to get inside.

Schools may also choose to implement drills and plans for children to follow through with should they be in danger. However, be especially careful to make these exercises comfortable for students as it may cause mental harm to young people not prepared to deal with the fear that comes with these situations. It’s ideal to be prepared, but you always want students to feel safe in their school as well.

Help Improve Your School Security – Sunray Window Films

entrance for a modern schoolSunray Window Films has helped the education industry improve their window security for over 20 years. We know that there is nothing more important or valuable than the happiness and security of your children. We value our role in helping educators make the school environment safer and more productive for children of all ages.

If you’re interested more in how our products help protect students, you can read more about it here. For other questions about how we can help your school, give us a call today at (800) 295-8468 to receive an obligation-free quote.

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