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“It’s always a sunny day at Sunray,” and if you’ve had the pleasure of speaking to John Susnik, Sunray’s founder, then you’ll quickly understand why he and the Sunray® team are celebrating a quarter of a century in business this year.

It’s no small feat to survive in such a competitive market, and like so many hardworking entrepreneurs, John’s journey hasn’t always been easy. In honor of this milestone, we thought you’d enjoy an insider’s look into Sunray’s beginnings.

Building a Business from the Ground Up                   

To hear some entrepreneurs tell it, you’d think that starting a business requires a ton of working capital and insider knowledge about a given market, but that isn’t always the case. John’s path wasn’t rooted in spreadsheets or niche market needs. In his early years, he was attending college and working at UPS when he decided to start Lakeside Window Tint. With the blessing of his parents and some solid business advice from his father Dennis Susnik (a CPA, Fraud Examiner and Broker), he left school, bought a used van, invested $300 a month on Yellow Page ads, and set out to provide window film to homeowners and business owners alike.

Growing at a Steady Pace

Not every company experiences growth in its first five years, but by 1999, Lakeside Window Tinting evolved into Sunray® Window Films. Once a small, startup company, Sunray has grown into a thriving, Authorized 3MTM window film dealer serving multimillion-dollar businesses and mom-and-pop shops alike. John and Christine’s ability to find the right people for his team while providing the best customer experience possible are just a few of the reasons why Sunray® has been able to expand through the years.

Reaching a Milestone

Today, Sunray® has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and serves most Northeast Ohio communities. From homes and commercial buildings to schools and retail facilities, Sunray’s commitment to excellence has made it the success it is today. With 25 years in the rear view mirror, and project credits that include some of Cleveland’s most well-known buildings, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Goodyear Corporate Center, together with John, Christine and Sunray® they are “rooted” in this industry. And with his wife (Christine) by his side, his drive to succeed is  stronger than ever.

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Whether you need window film today or a month from now, talk with John Susnik and the industry experts at Sunray® Window Films before making your decision. Contact them today via email or at 800.295.8468.

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