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Shatter Film For Schools

Shatter Film Schools - ULTRA S800 SAFETY & SECURITY FILM

$100 Million Earmarked for Ohio School Safety and How Sunray® Can Help

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Every day, parents send their children to school to advance their education and hope that they return home safely at day’s end. School safety is top of mind on every parent’s list, especially in a time when active shooter drills are often part of a child’s K–12 curriculum. Schools need every available resource at their discretion to ensure that classes…

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School Safety: Two Tactics Plus One Immediate Improvement

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As educators and administrators struggle to find new ways to keep students safe on school grounds, many approaches are being considered. Some schools have passed bills to arm teachers, while others are turning to alternative surveillance tools to head off a tragedy in advance. Social Media Monitoring Many school districts have turned to social media monitoring software as a way…

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