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Sunray® Window Film Facts

Hurricane or Bullet Resistant Window Tinting Film

By December 26, 2008 No Comments

There are a lot of window tinting film dealers today advertising or making claims that window tinting film is Hurricane or Bullet Resistant. THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE! Do not believe what you have been told about what certain window film manufacturers and or dealers have advertised or salespeople may have told you. Bullet resistant windows are still the best deterrent against fire arms


 Althought many glass film products are available that add tremendous strength to windows for shatter and puncture resistance. As of yet, no one has developed a bullet resistant glass film that can be applied to a window to make it bullet resistant. Again, no one should attempt to use a shatter resistant film on a window with the idea of making it bullet resistant. There is no such thing as a bullet resistant glass with the use of any window tinting film today! 



This company can make statements about bullet resistance and other claims because they are not located in the United States:

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