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3M Window Film Warranty

Window Tint Film and Window Warranties

By December 8, 2008 No Comments

HomeWindow  If you, as a homeowner, have Anderson, Pella, Hurd, or any other brand-name windows in your home, you probably are pretty happy with the warranty they have provided you.  When considering window film to control the heat and damage the sun causes, you may find that applying a film or tint now negates the manufacturers warranty; many will.  3M has solved this dilemma by offering an Extended Platinum Limited Warranty, which, for a nominal cost, takes over the life of your existing warranty.

Since 3M is an over 24-billion dollar company, and has been around for over 100 years, you may rest assured your window warranty is in good hands.  Can your window manufacturers boast both the worth and longevity of 3M?

By applying 3M window films and using Sunray™ Window Films an authorized 3M Prestige Dealer, you protect your family and furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun, reduce glare, enjoy energy savings, and take comfort in the fact your window warranty is still intact!

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