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3M vs. Llumar, Vista, & other products

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Funny how companies try to mimic the 1st patented window film in the industry 3M. 3M is a global technology company with annual revenues exceeding $24 billion. 3M’s hallmark is turning basic science into innovative new products; the company is a world leader in scores of markets from health care and highway safety to advanced optical films and office products. By some accounts, the average American home may contain as many as 300 different 3M products.

Founded over a century ago as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (the three Ms in 3M), 3M began as a mining venture but the five founders quickly shifted their focus to sandpaper products.

3M has enjoyed a seemingly endless string of innovations. 1925 launched the company’s iconic Scotch® brand, after lab assistant Richard Drew invented pressure-sensitive tape. 45 years and thousands of innovations later, another 3M product gained iconic status when Post-it® Notes forever changed the way people organize and communicate small bits of information.

Our favorite 3M milestone date is February 8, 1965. On this date, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing scientists David Antonson and Gerald Berger filed a patent application for something called “Transparent and Reflecting Articles.”

You guessed it: Antonson and Berger invented the world’s first solar control window film. The invention was granted Canadian Patent No. CA 724101 on December 21, 1965 and U.S. Patent No. 3,290,203 on December 6, 1966.





  • Most window film manufactures specifications are for 1/8″ clear glass? Who has 1/8″ clear single pane glass in Ohio? Most of our windows since I can remember have had ¼” Clear Insulated Glass. Aka -Double Pane windows  See Vista Window Film and Llumar Window Film.  So Vista and Llumar window film specifications are misleading!!!

  • In order to become a Llumar Authorized Dealer:  Get a business license and you’re on your way to installing LLumar Film on Customers homes and businesses…  (Doesn’t sound like Llumar has any specific training on how to become certified!) Another words, do you really want someone who doesn’t have proper training to install film on your home or office?  Go ahead call Llumar directly at: 1-800-255-8627 and ask how to become an Authorized Dealer. You will see how easy it is!!!  Now, try to call or contact 3M Consumer Safety and Light Management Dept.  3M Center, Building 223-2S-24 St. Paul, MN 55144.  1-800-480-1704.    Do your research, and see the difference of what a 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer “Sunray Window Films“ can do for you.
  • Llumar, Vista, Madico, all use a dry adhesive system. Otherwise know as CDF, CDA, etc… Dry adhesive systems are the backbone for lower end film manufactures. I have used all of these products in the past and enjoyed using them as a stepping stone in order to get my foot into the industry. They are easy to install, but VERY HARD to remove! VERY COSTLY TO REMOVE, AND THE POSSIBILITY OF SCRATCHING YOUR GLASS PERMANENTLY. If the CDF Adhesive in Llumar, Madico, Vista, are so good, then why don’t they use this adhesive on their Safety & Security Products and their Decorative Window Films?

3M, known for manufacturing adhesives, uses a PSA Adhesive System. Window film is only as good as the adhesive system behind it! 3M is the only window film provider that produces its own adhesive system developed specifically for window film.  This patented pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) is engineered to form an aggressive mechanical bond to the glass that can be easily removed at the end of its useful life. The result will be a clean, long-lasting installation with excellent impact resistance, and no bubbling, blistering, puckering or wrinkling.

Contact your local 3M Window Film Dealer for details:

440-975-0800 or toll free 800-295-8468


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