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3M Profile Attachment System/ Impact Protection Adhesive

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Lot’s of questions regarding 3M Safety & Security Films passing
large missile, small missile, testing. Well guess what?

Testing is coming! Don’t worry…it won’t just beat your average run of
the mill window film manufacturer. IT WILL EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out”.
Stephen Covey

3M has already made a two different attachment systems for all Safety & Security Window Films.

New Adhesive Adds an Extra Measure of Protection to 3M(TM) Safety and Security Window Films

ST. PAUL, Minn.–3M,
the company that invented window film and a world leader in adhesive
technologies, continues to expand its safety and security product line
with the introduction of 3M(TM) Impact Protection Adhesive. This unique
adhesive is applied around the frame and bonds the glass, window film
and frame together, significantly improving protection against severe
weather damage, bomb blasts or would-be intruders. Designed for use
with 3M Ultra Safety & Security Window Film, the Impact Protection
Adhesive is part of a comprehensive window protection portfolio that
affords homeowners and commercial building owners alike the opportunity
to choose their desired level of protection.

Level 1: 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Films – helps hold
shards of glass together, reducing the chance of injury or property
damage from broken glass due to accidental impact, severe weather or

Level 2: 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Film plus 3M Impact
Protection Adhesive – provides all the benefits of Level 1 plus creates
a stronger barrier to help keep unwanted elements out (including water
and debris from severe weather, smash and grab attempts of would-be
intruders and flying glass due to bomb blasts).

Level 3: 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Film plus 3M Impact
Protection Profile – In July, 3M will introduce the Impact Protection
Profile, a flexible gasket-style attachment that bonds the filmed
window and frame incorporating 3M VHB tape – a high-performance tape
that utilizes a very strong pressure-sensitive adhesive. 3M VHB tape
has been used for architectural impact at Chicago’s O’Hare
International Airport, holding up heavy, mirrored ceiling panels. This
same tape also replaces rivets in panels on trucks. The Impact
Protection Profile provides the same benefits as the Impact Protection
Adhesive, plus it lends a clean, finished appearance to the window.

“Our new Impact Protection Adhesive and Profile systems give
homeowners and commercial building owners more options in choosing the
safety and security solution that best suits their needs,” said Jon
Hanbury, Marketing Manager of 3M Building and Commercial Service
Division. “When combined with our patented Ultra micro-layer safety
film technology, these two new attachment systems significantly improve
overall safety and security. It’s great for forced entry access points
such as glass and patio doors, or for any window with potential
exposure to severe weather or terrorist activities.”

The Impact Protection Attachment Systems and Ultra Safety &
Security Window Film products are available exclusively through 3M’s
Authorized Window Film Dealers.

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