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A commercial building is an investment, and every component that increases its value is worth considering. Windows benefit your tenants and retail operators as much as they benefit your bottom line. So, how do you upgrade a facility in a way that will pay for itself in the long run? Sun controlling window film is one of the most cost effective options at your disposal.

happy-woman-stretches-and--opens-curtains-at-window-in-morning-resized#1 Maintain Stable, Comfortable Indoor Temperatures

Glass conducts heat year-round. In summer, those extra degrees can have a substantial impact on your building’s temperature. Warm surroundings are difficult to work or shop in, and hot weather increases the burden on your cooling system while causing energy bills to rise. By installing, 3MTM Sun Control Low E 35 Window Film, nearly 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays will be blocked, which can extend the life of your air conditioning system while improving overall comfort indoors. It will also reduce the need for light-blocking blinds and drapes and lower dependence on costly artificial lighting.

#2 Make Windows Safer and More Durable

Despite their beauty, glass windows are vulnerable and can break any time of day or night. Storms, explosions, and smash-and-grab crime put your customers in jeopardy, so minimizing potential injuries is an investment in safety. High quality window film will hold broken pieces intact, making the surroundings safer without being obvious or unsightly. 3M™ Ultra Night Night Vision S25 Safety and Security window film’s ultra-durable, abrasion resistant qualities make it both beautiful and effective in unexpected circumstances.

Doctor-looking-at-paperwork-resized#3 Reduce Reflectivity and Create a More Pleasant Experience After Dark

If the people who frequent your commercial building do so in the evening, they’ll likely notice the mirror-like reflection that comes with lesser quality window film. Most typical products don’t allow people to see clearly outdoors due to the way light reflects back into the interior during the evening. Ensure the best shopping or working experience possible by installing 3M™ Night Vision Film. It eliminates the boxed-in feeling that results from reflectivity.

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Of its many benefits, window film’s energy savings make it a winner for any type of commercial building. After installation, you can expect to spend less on energy while reducing the wear and tear on your heating and cooling system. And if your building becomes more energy efficient, you may qualify for LEED credit as well. Give our industry experts a call today to discuss money-saving options that you can put to work for you.

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