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2008 3M Window Film Dealer Meeting

By February 17, 2008 No Comments
The annual 3M Window Film Dealer Meeting 2008 in Orlando Florida kicked off with a bang!!! This year’s meeting attendence was well over 200 dealers from all over the US. What a better way to start off the new year in Orlando Florida in February. I left Cleveland Ohio with 6 inches of snow and was very excited to travel to a warm climate! Are you kidding??? 72 degrees and sunny vs 18 degrees and snowing??? My sales representative and her husband(Shannon & Russ) also traveled for the meeting to learn more about what other dealers are doing with their dealership that differs from what Sunray Window Films does as a 3M Dealer. Shannon will use the information she learned from the meetings and apply it to more sales for Sunray.(we hope) :)


Every year I personally learn more information that can be applied to real world situations when I attend the 3M Dealer meetings. I would personally like to thank all of the new and old 3M Dealers I met at this meeting. 3M management did an excellent job of developing new products and teaching us how these products can help.

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