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Every day, parents send their children to school to advance their education and hope that they return home safely at day’s end. School safety is top of mind on every parent’s list, especially in a time when active shooter drills are often part of a child’s K–12 curriculum.

Schools need every available resource at their discretion to ensure that classes are conducted without interruption or fear. In July 2022, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission issued program guidelines that designated $100 million in federal funding for safety improvements in both public and chartered non-public schools.

If your school hasn’t taken advantage of this grant program yet, the following information will acquaint you with the process and give you an option that will improve vulnerable glass windows and doors inside and out.

Security Improvements for Eligible Schools

When considering ways to increase student safety in the event of a natural disaster or an active shooter scenario, eligible schools need to choose options that fit with their existing security program and also meet the established criteria under the ARPA School Security guidelines.

An eligible enhancement is defined as “a physical security enhancement, equipment, inspection and screening equipment, or other expenditure included on the Authorized Equipment List (AEL).” Upgrades to better protect students and faculty include everything from securing the building perimeter to making internal architectural modifications that strengthen and fortify classrooms as well as large gathering spaces, like cafeterias and gymnasiums.

Strong Interior Improvements Offer the Most Immediate Protection from an Internal Threat

Not all physical safeguards are obvious to the naked eye — or to would-be intruders. Glass surfaces, including interior windows, sidelites, curtain walls, door vision panels, and skylights, can be fortified with 8-mil 3M™ Ultra S800 film. This Safety and Security Film is designed to protect occupants from flying glass in the event of a bomb blast, explosion, weather-related incident, or projectile from an active shooter.

The 3M™ Ultra S800 film is anchored in place with 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment (IPA) Sealant. This combination preserves the integrity of the glass even when shattered and ensures fragments adhere to the film’s surface in an unanticipated situation. And if exterior double-paned windows also need to be fortified, 7-mil 3M™ Safety S70 (7mil) Exterior film is a smart choice.

Contact the Industry Experts at Sunray® to Make Your School Safer

Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has been serving Northeast Ohio and the needs of its local educational facilities. Whether you’re applying for a grant today or planning ahead for the next school year, speak with a knowledgeable expert from Sunray® about adding Safety & Security Window Film to your to-do list. We’re happy to explain how these fortifying films enhance public safety.


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