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Shatter Film Schools - ULTRA S800 SAFETY & SECURITY FILM

$100 Million Earmarked for Ohio School Safety and How Sunray® Can Help

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Every day, parents send their children to school to advance their education and hope that they return home safely at day’s end. School safety is top of mind on every parent’s list, especially in a time when active shooter drills are often part of a child’s K–12 curriculum. Schools need every available resource at their discretion to ensure that classes…

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The Residences at 55 Public Square Project – How Sunray® Window Films Revamped a Historic Cleveland Gem

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  For nearly 30 years, Sunray® Window Films has provided impeccable service and the finest window film products and installations to customers big and small. From Cleveland’s Goodyear Corporate Center to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, clients have entrusted us with their properties and visions, and we recently completed The Residences at 55 Public Square for…

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vinyl siding melting

Melting Siding? Learn What Causes It and How to Prevent It

By | 3M Window Film, Home Window Tinting | 5 Comments

As a homeowner, you try your best to keep energy costs low while still maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors. Heating and air conditioning are expensive, and many builders take these concerns to heart when selecting windows for new homes. Because winters can be bitterly cold in some parts of the country, Low-E (or low emissivity) windows have become increasingly popular. Low-E…

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7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building with Commercial Window Tinting

By | 3M Window Film, COMMERCIAL WINDOW FILM INSTALLATION, Commercial Window Tinting, Solar Conrol Window Film, SUN CONTROL WINDOW TINTING | No Comments

Owning a commercial building may be a long-term investment, but the initial purchase is just the first step. Keeping your building occupied, safe, and energy-efficient also plays a role in your bottom line. Windows make being indoors more pleasant, but non-tinted windows can lead to excess energy usage due to excessive solar heat levels in your facility. Here are the…

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A Guide to Office Window Films

By | 3M Fasara Decorative Window Film, Decorative Window Films, privacy window film | No Comments

Whatever office you’re decorating, window films offer a chance to customize and transform your office space in a classy but subtle way. At Sunray®  Window Films, we’re an experienced window film dealer that has helped a variety of businesses find the window film pattern that’s perfect for their needs.  We’ve designed films that spruce up and add privacy to verandas,…

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Ways to Improve School Security and Safety

By | 3M Safety & Security Window Film, Back -to-School Safety Improvements, Back-to-School- Safety & Security Enhancements | No Comments

Any time your child leaves your home and care, their safety and physical security is always at the forefront of your mind. It’s even more understandable when you consider the crises that have affected school districts nationwide. That’s why school administrators and communities are implementing new and improved safety measures to keep students safe. Here are some ways to improve…

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Don’t Let Spontaneous Glass Breakage Harm Someone In Your Facility

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Life is full of little surprises. Unfortunately, they’re not all happy occurrences, and some of them happen when and where you least expect them. As a property owner, you probably have tempered glass windows inside and out. Tempering strengthens glass, but it doesn’t completely prevent it from shattering. Now, consider all the glass surfaces in your commercial, industrial, or retail…

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Consider These Three Options When Making Back-to-School Safety Improvements

By | Back-to-School- Safety & Security Enhancements | No Comments

Educators, parents, and students rarely see eye to eye, but when it comes to school safety, all parties agree that improvements are always welcome. As administrators and faculty around the country prepare for the 2019–2020 school year, a variety of plans are being implemented and discussions and debates continue to reveal additional options that may make schools safer. Read on…

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