Shatter Window Film for Schools

When parents send their children off to school each day, safety is always on their minds. Tragically, in current years schools have been the target of mass shootings and aggressive attacks. One way to increase the safety of students, teachers, and administrators is through the application of safety and security window tinting film.

Increased Security Against Armed Aggressors

With attacks on educational facilities and school buildings on the rise, precautionary measures are not just something to ponder; they have become a priority. Sunray® Window Films offers a variety of safety and security window films for schools that provide an enhanced level of protection for students. As beautiful as clear glass windows are, if left untreated, they can easily be shattered by an intruder. Because the film forms a bond with the window, it deters criminals looking for easy access. Breaking through a treated window requires sustained effort and time, which gives your administrators more time to take action, and forces criminals to pick an easier target.

Safety and Security Window Film Protects Students

No matter where a school or college is located, there is always the possibility of violent weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and wind storms. In these types of environments, objects become airborne suddenly and can break windows without warning. One of the benefits of safety and security window film is its ability to hold a shattered window in place—protecting students and faculty from flying glass and injury. Sunray® Window Films carries Ultra S600 and Ultra S800 safety & security window films, which stand up to earthquakes, bomb blasts, and explosions.

Invisible Layer of Protection

Added to existing glass entrance doors and specific openings, 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film provides an invisible layer of protection. Safety and Security Window Films are not bulletproof or bullet resistant.  Safety & Security Window Films are designed to slow down intruders, give first responders ample time to arrive at the location. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are combined with the impact protection attachment system for the highest level of protection. This system attaches the filmed window to the window frame, creating a tough safeguard that significantly outperforms window film-only systems.

Cost Effective Options for Creating Private Spaces

We know that budget constraints often make building enhancements difficult, especially when a school or college needs to be modified to create private conference areas. Sunray® Window Films offers Fasara™ Decorative Window Film that makes creating a bright but private location possible for much less than construction would cost. These films let natural light in while protecting students and teachers from being viewed by outsiders and can also be custom cut to include a design or school logo.

Protect Your Educational Building from Graffiti and Surface Damage

Sadly, vandalism is an ongoing problem and costs building owners thousands of dollars annually. Sunray® Window Films can install Anti-Graffiti Window Film on both interior and exterior surfaces that can withstand malicious attacks, including scratching, gouging, and acid etching. If your school or tutoring center needs street-level protection, Sunray® Window Films can help.

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