3M™ Sun Control Night Vision Film

No More Mirror-Like Interior Reflections! If you’re worried about your home looking like a commercial building from the outside, then Sunray® Window Films has the answer—and more benefits than you probably imagined possible.

Reduce Reflectivity for a Beautiful View, Day or Night

On occasion, good intentions yield poor results. Such is the case with window tinting films that create a mirror-like appearance. While you may not worry about it during the day, since the reflection is on the outside of the window, being in a commercial building or residence after dark can leave you feeling boxed in. Most window films make it so you can’t see the outdoors clearly after nightfall, but the 3M™ Night Vision Film allows you to enjoy your view year-round and around the clock.

Reduce Energy Costs Even in High Sun Environments

Saving money on heating and cooling are primary concerns for every real estate owner. Our 3M™ Night Vision Film performs consistently in terms of reducing solar heat. It blocks up to 79% of the sun’s heat, which equates to lower energy costs and a more enjoyable indoor climate. The Night Vision Series also reduces wear and tear on your cooling system by allowing it to run less often—saving you the cost of maintenance or early replacement.

Protect Your Interior Investment from Harmful UV Rays

You already know that your home’s exterior takes a beating from the elements. Sunlight not only causes exterior damage but interior fading of carpets, upholstery, and other precious surfaces. 3M™ Night Vision Film prevents 99% of the sun’s destructive ultraviolet rays from entering your windows. In the long run, you’ll spend far less on replacing furniture and carpeting, which results in better savings all the way around.

Window Film that Complements Your Building’s Interior

The fastest way to reduce the chilly feeling of a commercial building is to create ambiance through the use of inviting tones. 3M™ Night Vision Film enhances your interior spaces with its warm, natural hue.

Improve Safety and Reduce the Risk of Injury

On most days, you probably don’t think about your windows shattering. But if turbulent weather or other outside forces raise your concerns about occupant safety, then 3M™ Night Vision Film can ease your fears. By applying high quality window tinting film to your windows, you make them much more shatter resistant. Individuals will be far less likely to be injured by flying glass, and the peace of mind you’ll gain is invaluable.

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