Protect Lives and Property from the Unexpected

One of the best ways to make glass less penetrable is to apply a strong, tear-resistant window film to it. The film bonds with the window and makes it difficult for intruders to break in.

Tear-Resistant, Multi-Layer Film Improves Occupant Safety

3M™ Ultra™ Prestige Series Window Film features 3M’s patented micro-layer technology and is composed of 42 micro-layers, which can substantially increase the time it takes for a burglar to enter a building, and that improves the odds in your favor. After all, the longer it takes to enter a home or commercial building unlawfully, the more likely it is that the bad guy will give up and move on.

So Clear Only You Know It’s There

When it comes to safety precautions, appearance is still a factor. You want your home or office to be secure, but you don’t want to change its outward appearance. And you also want the sun’s natural light to shine in. 3M™ Ultra™ Prestige Series Window Film is virtually undetectable, so you and yours will be safe and secure without the unsightly look of window bars or other safeguards that draw unwanted attention. It also allows up to 70% of the light to penetrate the window’s surface.

Shatter Prevention in Turbulent Weather

You probably don’t think much about the possibility of a shattered window when the weather’s clear, but when Mother Nature is at her worst, things often become airborne. You can protect your family and the people who occupy your commercial buildings by installing 3M™ Ultra™ Prestige Series Window Film. When used with 3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive, your windows will be reinforced to stand up against severe weather, which will reduce the risk of bodily injury due to shattered glass.

The Added Bonus of Year-Round Comfort Thanks to Heat Rejection

All window film reduces heat intrusion, but to varying degrees. 3M™ Ultra™ Prestige Series Window Film keeps up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays from entering your home or office. This means fewer hot spots and less overall interior heating.

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