GSA Approved for Blast Mitigation!

Commercial, government, and education buildings require additional safety precautions when it comes to potential explosions that may shatter exterior windows. Since buildings with large, expansive windows pose considerable risks to occupants, as a building owner, you need to eliminate the possibility of injuries due to flying glass in the event of an earthquake or unexpected blast.

3M™ Safety Series polyester films are available in two thicknesses, 7 millimeters and 8 millimeters, and both have been approved by the General Services Administration for their ability to lessen the impact of bomb blasts and other explosions.

3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive Offers Extra Security

3M™ Safety Series films are installed using a high performance adhesive. This reinforces the bond between the window and the film and improves its ability to remain intact even when shattered. By selecting 3M™ Safety Series film, you’ll lessen the likelihood of injury due to flying glass shards if an explosion or terrorist attack occurs in your building’s immediate vicinity.

Two Color Options to Fit Your Building’s Specific Needs

3M™ Safety Series Window Film is available in two varieties—clear or tinted. The tinted sun control option can reduce heat and make interior facilities more comfortable. This same benefit can also be achieved with a colorless film, so your buildings will be safer no matter which choice you make.

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