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Solar Conrol Window Film


7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building with Commercial Window Tinting

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Owning a commercial building may be a long-term investment, but the initial purchase is just the first step. Keeping your building occupied, safe, and energy-efficient also plays a role in your bottom line. Windows make being indoors more pleasant, but non-tinted windows can lead to excess energy usage due to excessive solar heat levels in your facility. Here are the…

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Professional Commercial Window Tinting – Cleveland Ohio

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  Looking for Commerical Window Tinting in Cleveland Ohio? Sunray® is an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer in Northeast Ohio. Sunray® Window Films has been in business serving customers nationally since 1994. Sunray® has an outstanding track record of job completion as well as customer satisfaction from some of the largest buildings in the USA. We specialize in giving commercial…

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Energy Conservation Project – Rock Hall – Cleveland, Ohio

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Sunray® is getting closer and closer to finishing this tough outdoor #energyconservationproject for the #rockandrollhalloffame with the 3M Exterior Prestige 40 Window Film.  3M energy efficient window film help reduce solar heat gain by 75%+/-. This will help save energy and will save money for your facility! Sunray® has a wide range of window films to reduce glare and the…

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Energy Efficiency Window Film – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum – Cleveland Ohio

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        Coming in May of 2014, Sunray® Window Films is going to provide energy savings, glare, and protection of interiors from fading for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum.  The type of window film Sunray® will be applying to the exterior glass lites: 3M Prestige 40 Exterior Window Film 3M Prestige 40 Window Film…

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Sunray® Silver Static Cling Solar Film Installation – AJC Federal Building Cleveland Ohio

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              If you are looking for a temporary fix to a solar heat gain issue, look no further. Sunray® is installing a Silver Static Cling solar film for the AJC Federal Building in downtown Cleveland Ohio. This is a fully removable and reusable solar film ideal for obscuring daytime view and providing excellent solar…

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