2011 YMCA Dream House | Sunray® Window Films | Donation of Services | Concord, Ohio

YMCA Dreamhouse 2011 Exterior Sunray® donated their residential window tinting services and installed 3M window film at the 2011 YMCA Dream House in Concord Township, Ohio. The west-south-east facing windows are protecting the most precious furnishings in the dream house. Sunray® Window Films are also saving the YMCA Dream House energy. Energy from the sun's heat coming through your windows can damage your most precious belonging and increase your electric bill.


YMCA Dreamhouse 2011 Interior  3M Prestige 70 Window Film  was used to provide a clear energy savings and enhance comfort. The Prestige Series is manufactured without the use metals and will not interfere with cell phone signals or corrode over time. Sunray® is also extenting the life of furnishings by rejecting 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays from entering the home. 

Want to visit the 2011 YMCA Dream House?

Tours Daily June 24-August 14, 2011 | 12-8 PM

After visiting the YMCA Dream House call Sunray® to Protect your home!

2174 Lost Nation Road Willoughby, Ohio 44094


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